Professional Services

In June 2008, ORCASUB IBIZA was certified by the Spanish GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF INDUSTRY as:

A diving centre officially authorised to fill diving tanks (air and nitrox)

A diving centre officially authorised to carry out the visual inspection of self-contained breathing apparatuses

A diving centre officially authorised to carry out periodical hydro-static tests of self-contained breathing apparatuses (pressure test)

A DIVING CENTRE OFFICIALLY AUTHORISED TO INSTALL HIGH-PRESSURE AND LOW-PRESSURE EQUIPMENT (New high-pressure equipment, air compressors, official bulletins by an Official Control Body, etc.)

We are the only centre in the island that is authorised to offer tank inspection services by the Department of Industry.Does your tank need a periodic hydro-static test? Or a visual inspection?Find the right solution at Orcasub.

The periodicity of the tanks inspections in Spain is:

  • Visual inspection every year.
  • Pressure test every three years.


Annual inspections of diving regulators and BCDs of the following brands:Mares, Scubapro, Beuchat, Cressisub